Fifty Nifty United States 

Back when I went to school at ST. MM, we learned the 50 states by singing a song. The song went something like this:

Fifty nifty United States

From the 13 original colonies

50 nifty stars in our flag

That billow so beautifully in the breeze 

Each individual state contributes a quality that is great

Each individual state deserves a bow let’s salute them know

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas 

California Colorado Connecticut

You get the drift  …

The ending was Tex-a-fied

North, south, east, west

 In our cool considerate deliberate unprejudiced opinion Texas is the best!

Today I am thinking about that song, and my own little parcel on the planet (4.89 acres) somewhere in the middle of South Texas.  

We’re about to have new neighbors. The property to the east was all wooded brush until it was sold.  Now that someone owns it, they’ve cleared it off except for some cedar trees. I wished I had snapped a picture before the clearing so I would have a before and after.  Instead, I stood outside and I took pictures in all four directions.  

Here you go for your viewing pleasure:

Facing south. Still heavily wooded on the other side of the property line.

Facing north. Property line runs parallel to HWY 87.

Facing east. All clear now but used to took like the southern view. Our land ends at the 3rd utility pole.

Facing west. If you look close, you’ll see Buddy & Spot.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself so I know I’m not dreaming. I am blessed beyond measure and I’m counting all of those blessings today. 

As always, more to come.


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