Sacrifice or Choice? You Decide

On February 9,2014, I posted the following to Facebook:

How wonderful! From the dad of sisters Lapointe who earned silver and gold medals:

Sitting next to them, their father Yves Lapointe was asked about the sacrifices he’d made to get them to that point.  The engineer said he wouldn’t put things that way.

“It’s all about choices – what you want to do,” he said. “Sacrifices, I don’t think is the right word. Choice is much better.”  

I love this and I am going to use it.

Three years later, it’s still all about choice.  Some pretty sucky things happened in the last 3 years.  I told my therapist I just survived them because I had no choice. I put on a smile, crack a joke and moved along.  I take no credit for showing up.  And she says to me:

Jill, but you did have a choice.  You could have chosen to do nothing.  Everyday I see people who shut down and say they can’t deal.  Instead you chose to support your child.  

If only I believed that!

As always, more to come.