Love ❤️ notes 📝 I guess it’s an early Valentine’s Day!!

I get home from work just now. I check the mail that Billy Bob has left on the counter for me to go through. There’s a nice little flyer from Dishnet saying we like gifts too. 

Baloney … a gift my ass … my rates are going up by five bucks a month. They try to disguise it … base rate going down … add local channel … net difference.   My pet peeve is paying for local channels! And for the extra five dollars a month, I get a one time free preview weekend or the ability to BingeWatch.  Big effing deal.

And we can’t even get the hopper, because we’re an existing customer and that’s only for new customers. When we try to record things, we have to prioritize and some shows unfortunately get skipped.  

But whatever, I’m going to see if Spectrum is now in our viewing range.  The last time we tried with them, we were too far out and their cables/network did not reach us.  Now we have two new neighbors and there has been vast improvements such as fiber optics and what not.  Maybe we are close enough for their service now? 

That was love note number one. 

Love note number two is a free dinner!  

Opening up the invitation,  I read that I and up to three guests are cordially invited to a complimentary gourmet meal as we sit and listen to  “understanding different retirement strategies”. If you are already retired, or plan to retire in 10 years, this is a deal you should not miss!  This speil is presented by someone whose last name is Dunkelberger.  Lol.  Dunkel me this as said by the Riddler aka Enigma.  How the freak did you know I was within 10 years of retirement?  Uh yeah, not solicited. I don’t think so. 

I told Billy Bob we should give this to his parents. Since they sold the homestead and broke our hearts.  Since they supposedly got a boatload of money, they should figure out what the fuck do with it!  Bite me! Errrrrrrr!!!! I’m in a snarky mood.  But I’m laughing. Always laughing. 

This rant was brought to you by who the hell cares?  I’m so over Valentine’s Day! I want to kick someone’s ass.  Whoever answers when I call Dishnet is going to wish they had taken a vacation day.  

As always, more to come.