A rose by any other name…

They say the sweetest sound a person can hear is the sound of their own name.

I’m  not sure how it all started but last night during the Super Bowl festivities we had several conversations going on. One of those conversations went something like this:

Pony: my son is going to be named Ashley.

Me: that’s a girls name.

Pony: no not originally. It’s of Scottish origin. And yada yada …

Me: (all I can hear are the Charlie Brown adults talking blah blah blah blah blah.)

Pony: Ashley Wilem 

Me: As in Dafoe

Pony: Exactly

Me: Would you call him Ashley?

Pony:  No probably just Ash.

Me to Wise: what do you think of that name?

Wise: our poor son is going to get beat up on the playground.

Pony: No he won’t

Wise: at least it’s better than what almost happened to my cousin. She was almost named Saxon. 

Pony: After the band right?

Wise: Yes my aunt was so loopy, after the birth from the pain meds they gave her. Thank goodness my other aunt was there. She said “no you’re not doing that remember ?  You already picked Elizabeth.”

Hee hee. Too much fun. Second time I hear talk of a potential child. Not going to meddle though.  Whatever will be … will be.

As always, more to come.


5 thoughts on “A rose by any other name…

  1. If I recall correctly, one of the male characters in “Gone With The Wind” was named Ashley…more importantly, the prospect of another baby must be sooooo hard not to think about now that that seeds been planted 🙂 I’m excited for you 🙂

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