Moments That Take Your Breath Away

Sometimes in life, if you are fortunate enough, you get to experience moments, once in a life time moments which impart on you the knowledge that YOU are part of something BIGGER than yourself.  In a quiet reflection, after a day well spent, I realize that today was one of those days for me.  I am beyond blessed.  So surreal that I had to stop and ask myself “Am I dreaming?” Nope, J-Dub, you are AWAKE!

I along with my co-workers aka the River Walk Crew and an auditorium full of employees plus live feed into my employer’s TV-station had the honor and privilege to hear General Lester Lyles speak.  He joined us to kickoff Black History Month.  Which started as Black History Week.  Which is held in February because Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln had birthdays in February.  And shouldn’t we celebrate Black History year round? Yes and according to the General, having a month to spotlight is also good. If you do not already know General Lyles, here is his NASA biography.

The man is truly brilliant yet humble.  He began with a line from the Naked City (a late 1950s early 60s police drama) “there are 8 million stories in the Naked City.  This has been one of them.  There are 30,000 of you and you all have your stories too”  

Boom right off the bat, he acknowledged that we ALL bring value.  ALL of us.  He said his story is not more important. I see him as a role model, far superior. He sees himself as one of us.  He is Salt of the Earth!  Talk about welcoming and inclusive.  I carry those warm feelings with me.  His words of wisdom will stay with me for a long time.

Oh how I wish all of bloglandia had seen him speak.  I especially would love for my kids to experience the moment.  I cannot do justice to repeat the lessons from his talk.  I won’t even try.  Though I did share with Billy Bob and B just listened and hugged me as I blubbered.

And they were happy tears.  I am OK! (Those who attended will know how strong a message that is … to achieve personal acceptance and know you are enough as you are).  And he found this acceptance eventually despite all he endured. I am OK! You are OK! We are OK!

 🤗 As always, more to come.



Poetry in Motion Wednesday Morning Muse

I checked into the mothership aka HOB1.  

I’m anxious as all get out. But part of it is because of our dear sweet PoPo.   He is definitely on my mind this morning. Anyway, to chase the nerves away I thought I would write a poem. Quickly very quickly, then back to business.

Here she stands,

In  her introvert armor.

Like a long tailed cat,

In a room full of rockers.

Worrying does nothing,

It is weak and can’t conquer. 

That’s all I got.  Not quite the ending I wanted.  I wanted the ending to be something powerful like F@cK U nodules, you suck!  

I know I know, don’t quit my day job. 😂
As always, more to come.

If you’re so inclined, today is the day

Please pray for PoPo. After much delay, this morning he’s going in for procedure to remove nodules from his esophagus.  Original biopsy said NOT cancer but  could become cancer.  

We have that bastard hope on our side.  Hopefully we won’t be disappointed 😔.   Enough J-Dub! You know you told yourself only positive thoughts. Scram negative Nancy.  

If my Mamaw were still alive, she would be turning 111 today. It’s a good omen that this is being done on what would have been her 111th birthday 🎉.  It’s the numerical sequence of 111 that brings the best juju.  And yes juju exists!  If only our minds make it so.

1906-1987.  Rest In Peace Mamaw.  We miss you. 

As always, more to come.