Struggle together, succeed together..

Just lovely 😊. And yes your mom is good people. Truly the best! Thanks for sharing. I’m passing along this goodness. Love the music too.

Pessimistically Optimistic Nonsense

Do as you wish, harm none..

Hoping today has brought you lots of happiness and sunshine. No dark clouds in your way. If there are and you need someone to talk to just reach out.

Whatever you mantra, beliefs or practices, don’t let others get you down.

Luckily I have a loving and wise mother who always taught me not to judge others based on their race, religion, creed and so on. How wise she is to teach young minds to always love others, share light and positivity wherever they go and to do your best not to judge or harm others.

How ever you identify, whatever you believe in, whatever your mantra, feelings or views you are doing the best you can. Don’t lose heart or question who you are just because others may disagree or not understand. Never stop being you. You are awesome just the way you…

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