La Feliciana Got Her First Hair Cut Plus Other Tales From Billy Bob And J-Dub’s Nursery 

If you’re not a gardening geek, this post is likely knot for you. You may want to leave now. However, if mulching about floras spikes your interest, you should stick  around. Get it?   I slay me.  😂

No we are not original. We named our peach tree (who we adopted from Jammin Jams) la Feliciana because that is the variety of peach she will produce. In 3 to 4 years.  We got time on our side.  So much for downsizing, selling the house and moving.   I think I’m planting my roots instead of sowing wild oats.  

Well Feliciana needed a haircut. And that really just means she needed to be pruned. You see the distance from her roots to her top was too far apart for her age.  She’s a twig after all.  She has enough hard work to do growing up without any added pressure to overachieve.

A lot of people don’t believe this. That pruning the tree and cutting it down to where it looks like you’ve taken all the good stuff off really does help promote growth. That which doesn’t kill her makes her stronger. Or this may hurt but it’s for the best as they say.

Feliciana did such a good job at the barber. But she’s lonely.  Billy Bob and I went and done did it, now Feliciana has siblings. 😂 I know I know don’t quit my day job.

New to the nursery are:

Alma the Almond. She is a nutty gal but we love her. Especially with milk chocolate 🍫.

Along with Lee Royal and Minnie Royal who hail from Cherry City aka Bing-ville. Lee is up close while Minnie … well she is shy. Also we’ve been told they must stay at least 25 feet to no more than 100 feet apart at all times. Something about a love hate relationship. Can’t live with her/him, can’t live without her/him. Things are so bad that they use bees 🐝 to carry any messages back-and-forth.

Additional changes in the nursery include moving Ollie the orange tree to a new whiskey barrel to see if he does better because citrus trees do really well in pots. And Ollie produced some pretty sour fruit last year. We’re going to see if he becomes sweeter in his new bloomer. Kinda like a time out.

Finally there’s Alvin the avocado. He’s not new. Alvin’s been in the nursery about 2-3 years. Unfortunately he isn’t doing well. He lost his bud Ava the other Avocado tree and has been pining for her ever since.  The spot Alvin called home was a perfect spot for Lee Royal. Alvin gladly gave up his ground for new territory.  He is so excited to be getting new bloomers too.    Just like Ollie!!

In a nutshell, today was balsam!!!!    Rhymes with awesome!!!  The B-balm-diggity.  A day for the memory books I tell ya.  Our nest maybe empty but our nursery is FULL!

As always, more to come.

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