The world is full of skank –  ho – bitches

Now that I have your attention, let me begin! 

This post is not about smelly dogs of the female persuasion who also sell their bodies for kibble.  Nope!  

However skank ho bitch is my new favorite thing to say when I get frustrated. And no don’t call me out because as I have posted before in Yippee Ki Yay, people who swear are honest.  

Today is Billy Bob’s birthday. He didn’t get a flipping thing from anybody. I wanted to get him something but he put his foot down and said “don’t you dare”.  I did bring him leftover Tiff Treats from work which he gladly ate. 

All he really wants is a deer lease or a place of our own on which he can hunt.  He’s looked high and low. No luck.  The property within our price range won’t work for what he’s wanting to do with it. So if anyone happens to have a cool million laying (or is it lying) around that they could GIVE me, let me know.  I promise to put it to good use. 

For 40 some odd years, he had a really sweet arrangement. He was able to hunt on family land, 880 acres in Webb county Texas.  2016/2017 was the first hunting season since the land was sold. Family land of that size and value is very hard to come by. It’s a pitiful shame that it was sold.   

Money can make people greedy. And in the big scheme of things, the sales price simply wasn’t enough.  He’ll never see a dime of the money either and that’s ok.  He doesn’t have an entitled bone in his body. 

In the book The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeanette Walls reviewed here in Surprise Find, her crazy mother held onto family land and her family was destitute.  I mean hard core destitute!   No one in the Walls except mom even knew that this land existed and that selling could’ve saved them from some of their trials and tribulations.  Despite having nothing, her mom even tried to get a substantial loan/gift from adult Jeanette’s husband to buy Jeanette’s uncle’s part of the family land.  Why? Because the homestead is important.  Because you hold onto that kind of stuff. Certain things you can’t put a price on.  Things like air,  soil, rock, the beauty in nature.  Legacy and heritage.  Priceless!

Anyway, enough bitching and moaning.  Ours are not real world problems. Still Billy Bob is such a good guy. He works hard.  He never asks for anything.  He does everything for us.  He surely is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. He’s even in the kitchen right now cooking dinner for me.   In all fairness, I tried. He kicked me out of the kitchen. He said today is just another day. 

I wish there was someway I could figure out a plan to get a place for him. Maybe I should become a skank ho bitch? Or just a ho? I know I know don’t quit my day job. lol.  

As always, more to come.