What The Spam?!

This is happening me too today. Vic explains it better than I could so I’m borrowing his words.


3 thoughts on “What The Spam?!

  1. Had to come back and see what happened. lol. Having my own askimet problems… of course it’s more ask-I-met what the hell I’m doing. lol.

    I checked my spam… lots of weirdly translated text messages… “Liking your format…” etc… lol.

    Does yours show visitors to the site? I’m wowed by the zero traffic. I usually at least get one or two a day… recently… Zero is not even a proper identifier… I need a negative number, a bit more dusty, to express the lack of life.

    Moving on though… reformatting based on the new information. 🙂

    Let me know what parts you check in on… thinking of doing a poll like I’ve seen others do… no use beating a dead horse and all that…


    1. I was told that on Saturday morning when I first started having the problems that the whole entire website was wonky. That’s my non-technical speak because I can’t translate what they told me. Anyway as of yesterday no issues. Go figure. I’ve had other apps do the same thing. When enough people call to complain, they get the techies on it to fix it. That’s my guess anyway.

      Regarding traffic to the site, I’ve never really trusted those numbers anyway. The reason being I’ve had people tell me about my stories … More people than the site traffic showed. I guess it’s possible you had no traffic but that just seems odd to me.

      I’d share more if I could translate but I really am a technical dweeb 😂. I’m the when in doubt right click type 😂. Oh and then yell and curse and see what that does for me 😂.

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