The Early Bird Syndrome Is Curse

If I had a dollar for all the minutes wasted being too early, I’d be a millionaire!!!

I have a neurosis.  I own it.  It stems from my childhood where for any family event being 15 minutes early was considered late.

I vividly remember Sunday mornings getting ready for church.  Jokingly daddy would call out “I’m leaving in 10 minutes and if you’re not in the car, I’m going without you” 

Little Jilly would immediately run to the car … socks and shoes in hand … to finish getting dressed … in the backseat … on the “hump” … because our car was a station wagon … with a hump.  As the youngest, that was my spot.

I have always had a weird way of processing time.  It’s anxiety pure and simple.  I build in an hour drive time for something that should take 30 minutes. So freaking ridiculous.

I’m working on conquering this though. To reclaim my time. To use for better things.  So today I have an 8:10 appointment; I leave the house in plenty of time to arrive at 7:55.  now that’s 😎.  By the time I check in, I should walk right in right?   Alas not to be.  This place is a zoo and even though I have an appointment I am still sitting here at 8:35 25 minutes after the scheduled time.

Then I think … putting a positive spin on it … I’m really not wasting my time … I’m word pressing. 😂 And all those other minutes lost, I wasn’t wasting my time either. In fact it was forced relaxation because I’m always go go go and I feel guilty when I’m not go go go. I don’t go anywhere without my books or Kindle so I get to read in these spaces in time which are really nuggets of gold maybe. Perspective.  Ain’t perspective a beautiful thing?

Namaste.  As always, more to come.


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