Be you. Someone has to be..

Enjoy. Follow the path to Lady Serene

Pessimistically Optimistic Nonsense

Good morning you wonderful, lovely person you. I’m glad you’re here with me today & I hope your day is filled with sunshine & laughter.

Every now and then we all need a gentle reminder that it’s OK to be different. You & I were born to be real, not perfect.

I’m here to challenge you. I’m here to hopefully leave you with a few words here & there that might just resonate with you enough to carry with you always.

There is a fire within each of us. Some call it heart, others soul. Some call it passion or even ambition. It’s that little spark of something that sets each of us apart, but the only thing that matters is how we ignite that fire within ourselves & use it. You might very well only be one match, but you can make an explosion.

Not all of the paths…

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