Captain Trips

Billy Bob’s entire crew is down for the count.   The flu is rampant.  He is the only one well enough to work.  But alas it’s a rainy gray day in San Antonio Texas.  Can’t work outdoors in this weather. 

All around me, people are dropping like flies.   Like just now.  I am going to the break room for lunch; I pass the Admin who is telling two people “good-bye … hope you feel better” I hear one mumble  “thanks … achoo achoo achoo.   I hope so too”. 

Hmmm.  Innocent sneezes?  Maybe? Or maybe NOT!

As the turnstile spins open for me to enter and them to leave; I look over at the red noses and the watery eyes and overall  dour expressions.  Then I  <cough,cough,cough> 

Psychosomatic sympathy cough?  Maybe?  Or maybe NOT! And now my eyes are oozing and my nose is running. 

I automatically think Jilly, turnaround! grab your family and run for the gates!  You … not Charlie Campion could be the one who spreads Captain Trips. 😷😳

This little rabbit hole vignette is brought to you by the following:

1- This weather makes me crazy. 

2- I love SK. 

3-The Stand is a book I will read and reread again.

4- I’ve got way too much time on my hands.  No wait, that’s STYX.  Same era as 5. but not the song running through what’s left of my brain.

5-Instead it’s this song:  The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult – Also the Stand TV miniseries theme song. 

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Captain Trips

  1. Creepy eerie… loved The Stand. That book took me 2 weeks to read. Read it when it first came out… and I was a book a day person then… And I read every single free second. I had to… they were making a movie. lol. Had to see that too… but book first!

    Flu was going around here too… fizzling out though (hopefully). Saw news that H.W. and wife were in hospital today (in Texas I assume) too for similar symptoms (pneumonia though… one… other… not so sure).

    Wash hands. Keep 3 foot distance (or more). Keep your hands away from the T-zone. Good luck. (Med masks available at Rx counter. lol)

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