Captain Trips

Book Club, Music To My Ears

Billy Bob’s entire crew is down for the count.   The flu is rampant.  He is the only one well enough to work.  But alas it’s a rainy gray day in San Antonio Texas.  Can’t work outdoors in this weather. 

All around me, people are dropping like flies.   Like just now.  I am going to the break room for lunch; I pass the Admin who is telling two people “good-bye … hope you feel better” I hear one mumble  “thanks … achoo achoo achoo.   I hope so too”. 

Hmmm.  Innocent sneezes?  Maybe? Or maybe NOT!

As the turnstile spins open for me to enter and them to leave; I look over at the red noses and the watery eyes and overall  dour expressions.  Then I  <cough,cough,cough> 

Psychosomatic sympathy cough?  Maybe?  Or maybe NOT! And now my eyes are oozing and my nose is running. 

I automatically think Jilly, turnaround! grab your family and run for the gates!  You … not Charlie Campion could be the one who spreads Captain Trips. 😷😳

This little rabbit hole vignette is brought to you by the following:

1- This weather makes me crazy. 

2- I love SK. 

3-The Stand is a book I will read and reread again.

4- I’ve got way too much time on my hands.  No wait, that’s STYX.  Same era as 5. but not the song running through what’s left of my brain.

5-Instead it’s this song:  The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult – Also the Stand TV miniseries theme song. 

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Captain Trips

  1. Creepy eerie… loved The Stand. That book took me 2 weeks to read. Read it when it first came out… and I was a book a day person then… And I read every single free second. I had to… they were making a movie. lol. Had to see that too… but book first!

    Flu was going around here too… fizzling out though (hopefully). Saw news that H.W. and wife were in hospital today (in Texas I assume) too for similar symptoms (pneumonia though… one… other… not so sure).

    Wash hands. Keep 3 foot distance (or more). Keep your hands away from the T-zone. Good luck. (Med masks available at Rx counter. lol)

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