From Facebook.  Two  Years Ago Today. RHCP 🎶🎶

Flipping channels via voice command on the drive back from dinner … conversation goes something like this …

Me: Tune XM10 

Then Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Otherside pops on, just starting. 

Me continued: I LOVE this song!!! I have not heard it in forever

Lulu: Me too!

Me: How do you even know this song or was that sarcasm 😉

Lulu: Mom really ??!? you played that entire CD on a loop for 1/2 my childhood. Not only do I know it, it’s my ringtone

Me: one happy momma

And then we sang … out loud and a little off key … but we knew all the words … came back into memory … just like it was yesterday

Rock on FB friends and fam – have a wonderful weekend
Added to WP  1/17/17
As always more to come 


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