If You’re So Inclined Part 3

Popo has his appointment to remove the nodules on his esophagus on 1/17/17.  Those are lucky numbers if I ever saw them right ?!?!?  Billy Bob is taking the day off and will drive him.  

At first his mom said not to bother.  They’d make other arrangements and be fine.  I just don’t get this … “blood” relations who might as well be strangers. She’s a piece of work but that’s a blog for another day … or never.  I’ve got better things to do and don’t need the negativity.  

Hopefully we’ll get a straight answer on Popo’s condition.  Like the telephone game, the story keeps changing. I’ve suggested B start attending all the appointments with him to hear things firsthand.  The time has come … a role reversal for sure.  

Anyway, if you’re so inclined we’d very much appreciate any healing thoughts and well wishes for our Popo.   After all, he is one of the guys who invented the Internet.  See prior blog post Butters and Strippers for details. 

Ya I know, that bit is getting old but I’m easily amused.  šŸ˜‚

As always, more to come. 


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