Henry Mancini:The Myth, The Man, The Legend

As I drove to work yesterday morning, I listened to Art of Noise, an English avant-garde synthpop group from 1983. The song was their cover version of Peter Gunn.  Immediately I was enraptured.  It’s like the music was coursing through my DNA. Proof that you don’t need words to have music that moves you.  

AnyWho, I couldn’t place where I had first heard this music.  So off to Google I go to find my answer.  Wah La! This was the work of Henry Mancini. The myth, the man, the legend!   Not only did he write Peter Gunn but he wrote the theme for the Pink Panther and my most favorite of all Baby Elephant Walk.  

It is no secret that I am not a fan of John Wayne’s movies. To me, they are all basically the same.  Though my daddy, well he sure did love the Duke. And so does PoPo and Billy Bob a.k.a. Eagle Eye.  And well Pony does too.  In fact, when Pony was little bitty he used to ask us to call him Duke Wayne.  Lol.  Now that’s a funny sidebar rabbit hole if I’ve ever gone down one 😂. Continuing side bar for a tiny bit, if I was handcuffed and forced to pick a John Wayne movie, then  Hatari! would be it!

Now back to our regularly scheduled musical post.  I should not be the only one having all this fun today, on Friday the 13th no less.   I’m sharing some links for you to view at your leisure.

Peter Gunn
Pink Panther Theme
Baby Elephant Walk
I hope you enjoy as much as I do. 🎶🎶🎶

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Henry Mancini:The Myth, The Man, The Legend

  1. My mom had the CD with all 3 songs you mentioned growing up and I always enjoyed listening to it. I actually have it burned onto my computer and listen every once in a while. 🙂

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  2. Always adored Henry Mancini, beautiful man inside and out. His work is legendary. I was indeed saddened when he died. My only other favourite Johnny Mercer who was a genius. Both, their work lives forever. John Wayne, my favourite, perhaps because I love Westerns. As a child growing up in England in the 1950s, it would be a treat for my Mother to take me to the “pictures” as we called it, and a special treat indeed if it was John Wayne. I would go home and play in the garden always on my own, and pretend I was John Wayne. As much as I liked him, I did not like the way he would ridicule those kids who did not want to fight in Vietnam, he encouraged far too many to fight, this coming from the man who refused to help “the Brits out”, what he hid was the fact he did not want to give up his career. Jimmy Stewart was so loved here not only because he was a great Actor and an utter Gentleman but because he did not hesitate to go to War, he was based near here, I am in Essex he was based Norfolk/Suffolk, and after the War would come over to the reunions.

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