Henry Mancini:The Myth, The Man, The Legend

As I drove to work yesterday morning, I listened to Art of Noise, an English avant-garde synthpop group from 1983. The song was their cover version of Peter Gunn.  Immediately I was enraptured.  It’s like the music was coursing through my DNA. Proof that you don’t need words to have music that moves you.  

AnyWho, I couldn’t place where I had first heard this music.  So off to Google I go to find my answer.  Wah La! This was the work of Henry Mancini. The myth, the man, the legend!   Not only did he write Peter Gunn but he wrote the theme for the Pink Panther and my most favorite of all Baby Elephant Walk.  

It is no secret that I am not a fan of John Wayne’s movies. To me, they are all basically the same.  Though my daddy, well he sure did love the Duke. And so does PoPo and Billy Bob a.k.a. Eagle Eye.  And well Pony does too.  In fact, when Pony was little bitty he used to ask us to call him Duke Wayne.  Lol.  Now that’s a funny sidebar rabbit hole if I’ve ever gone down one 😂. Continuing side bar for a tiny bit, if I was handcuffed and forced to pick a John Wayne movie, then  Hatari! would be it!

Now back to our regularly scheduled musical post.  I should not be the only one having all this fun today, on Friday the 13th no less.   I’m sharing some links for you to view at your leisure.

Peter Gunn
Pink Panther Theme
Baby Elephant Walk
I hope you enjoy as much as I do. 🎶🎶🎶

As always, more to come.

Methought I heard a voice cry ‘Sleep no more!

The poem here just grabbed my attention as I’m up earlier than normal on my freaking day off! I should still be sleeping. Ugh!


Question:  What time do you usually go to sleep?

Answer:  Oh 10:30 ish, Sometimes 4:00

Question:  What time do you usually get up?

Answer:  What time is it now?


God of dreams and sleep – Morpheus

Morpheus has the ability to mimic any human form and to appear in dreams. His true semblance is that of a winged daemon, an imagery shared with many of his siblings. Robert Burton, in his 1621 Anatomy of Melancholy, refers to Classical depictions of Morpheus, saying “Philostaratus paints [Morpheus] in a white and black coat, with a horn and ivory box full of dreams, of the same colours, to signify good and bad”.  In myth, Morpheus was also said to send dreams through one of two gates, one of ivory, and the other of horn. Starting in the medieval period, the name Morpheus began to stand generally for the god…

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