Pseudonym ~ pseu·do·nym /so͞odnim/

Lulu and her BFF gave each other BFF charms for Christmas.  Lulu was walking over to visit her grandparents when she noticed her charm had fallen off the necklace.  She searched the area for about 30 minutes before she decided to keep on walking and continue to her visit.  She was very upset, texting me in between all the visiting.  She was absolutely sure the SPECIAL KEEPSAKE MOON WAS GONE FOREVER!!!! 

She was so upset despite my reassurances that it’d be okay and that her dad would find it … because he is SO good at that … all his experience finding arrowheads at El Soldado had prepared him for just this incident :).  “MOM, YOU’RE NOT HELPING!” Still I continued … “as long as you know where you dropped it, he’ll find it”

“WHAT???!” she wailed “I DIDN’T DROP IT, IT FELL OFF !!!  I KNEW I NEEDED A DIFFERENT CHAIN!!!” Such is the drama in a young woman’s life.  I am glad that I’ve outgrown the drama. Wink, wink!!

When I get home, no more tears.  I have a happy and smiling daughter. In less than five minutes and a point in the general direction, he found it.  As I knew he would …fullsizerender-51I may have to change the pseudonym Billy Bob to Eagle Eye.  Yep, the ole arrowhead hunter still has it!

As Always, More To Come.