halp a kitteh

Every year of my birthday, I go to the eye doctor.  Which means every year in January I get new frames.  I’m a creature of habit and extremely conservative.  This time though I decided to go off the rails. LOL.  Here I am with my new cat eye frames. 

The halp of kitteh reference is a nod to Max.   I need to learn the technology of this so I can ping back and give full credit where credit is due.  I highly suggest you to check out his site.  

As always, more to come. 

You Deserve a Second Chance..

Challenge accepted!!!

Pessimistically Optimistic Nonsense

No one is perfect. We’re all human. It’s ok to give yourself another chance.

Everyday is a second chance. A fresh start. You’re doing the best you can, go easy on yourself.

Even when things seem impossible try not to fall into negativity. Just keep marching forward and you’ll get there.

I believe in you. Why not try something new, turn over a new leaf perhaps? Try to appreciate the positive and let the negative things roll off of your back.

You’ve got this!

Always, Serene

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