All’s Well That Ends Well

The RX saga has ended.  Hip, Hip, Hurrah!!!  After prior authorization from the doctor and a single appeal, CM agreed to cover for the difference between generic and brand.  Original cost without insurance over $900.  My cost for the difference $483.60.  And I could use my spending account so even though the cost was higher than under the former insurance plan, I would not need to tap into our monthly budget.

Enter super hero, pharmacist extraordinaire.  He worked with me all along, a liaison between the doctor and CM; the prior authorization paperwork and appeal process.  He could have stopped there but no, he went over and above.  He found a discount card from Astrazeneca that could be applied on top of what the insurance agreed to pay.

Final cost $93.60. Woo Hoo!!!!  and the anxiety meds went down too, only $1.15 instead of $1.83.  I told him never mind, I didn’t need those anymore ;).  We laughed and when in all my excitement I kept swiping my card backwards, we laughed some more and he said “that’s ok Jill, no rush, we all need days like this!”

And that we do my friends, and that we do!!

As always, more to come.


5 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. I count my blessings every day when it comes to my health which so far in my life has been good with just a few minor ailments. I pay $700 a month with a $5000 deductible for insurance so I can’t afford to get sick !! haha

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  2. Yay for reduced med costs and helpful pharmacists. My mom struggled with finding coverage for some extremely costly meds for her Chron’s. She also found a super helpful pharmacist. I’m thankful for people who take the extra time and go the extra mile!!! 😍😍😍

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    1. I am Happy for your mom and for people like me but then it also makes me sad for those who don’t fight or push it any further.

      Someone out there is paying $900 for what I just paid $93. Worse someone is going without because they don’t have $900. Somehow that just seems wrong and it made for bad dreams last night 😟

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