Let’s Play

Last homework assignment before vacation ends: Scattergories… with a twist!! It’s harder than you think. No using Google! Every answer must start with the first letter of your last name. It’s a bit of fun. 😊

Last Name – Witherspoon 

Animal – Wolf

Girl’s Name – Whitney

Color – Wisteria

Movie- West World

Something you wear – Wig

Drink – Whiskey 

Food – Watermelon 

Item in the bathroom – Water

Place – Wyoming 

Reason to be late – Wreck

Boy’s Name – Walter

Celebrity – Will Ferrell

Candy – Whoppers



4 thoughts on “Let’s Play

  1. Last Name – Silvia

    Animal – snake

    Girl’s Name – Suzanne

    Color – Sienna

    Movie- Singing In the Rain

    Something you wear – sandals

    Drink – Sassafras tea

    Food – Salad

    Item in the bathroom – soap

    Place – Seattle

    Reason to be late – sleeping

    Boy’s Name – Sam

    Celebrity – Steve Martin

    Candy – Snickers

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  2. Last Name – Stowe

    Animal – squirrel

    Girl’s Name – Savannah

    Color – scarlet

    Movie- Superman

    Something you wear –skirts

    Drink – strawberry lemonade

    Food – Spaghetti

    Item in the bathroom – safety pins

    Place – Sweden

    Reason to be late – Stalled vehicle

    Boy’s Name – Seth

    Celebrity – Susan Sarandon (do I get double points?)

    Candy – Skittles

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