There’s About To Be A Revival 

When I posted J-Dub’s Initial Thoughts on Revival by Stephen King I thought the story was going the way of Pet Sematary but boy was I wrong.  I’m now half way through and a big tent revival is about to start.  The anticipation is palpable… one might say electric ⚡️

My heart is pounding.  I read a review that says (and I’m paraphrasing) Revival is King’s darkest work yet.  I already had one “oh my lawd” moment in the story where Jaime Morton’s 5th element is affected in a deeply and life altering way.   Then later there’s a reference to another of SK’s books – Joyland.  Now that one is on my list of books to re-read.

I’m torn between continuing on cuz it’s SO good! Or quitting until the light of day.   I’m a little too keyed up to be sleepy.  I was under the weather and stayed in bed most of the day.  I’m going down the path of “having my days and nights mixed up”.  Something my mom always warned me about.  Her reader, night owl, baby girl.

I think I’ll try to sleep.  Tomorrow I can follow Billy Bob around and read while sitting next to him.  Always my protector.  Just in case the review is right, I’ll need the muscle. 😂

G’nite dear ones (or constant readers in the words of the master himself).

As always, more to come.


One thought on “There’s About To Be A Revival 

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon Book Club and I am intrigued….and, a lover of Stephen King…but, this should come as no surprise given our connection…I’m going to explore as much of your blog as I can before the NeoCitran kicks in…inexplicably, I came down with a pretty significant cough and cold a couple days ago…

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