J-Dub’s Book Review Of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 

I’ve had the book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for many months.  I even tried to give it back to Wise before I started reading it.  “No” she said.  “You keep it!  I’d like you to read it.  You’ll like it.  Read it for me”.  Still more months went by but then while on vacation this past week, I decided to relax and how better to relax than to escape with a good book. 

I’m so used to reading on the computer and my Kindle that having an actual hardcopy book in and of itself was a thrill … a tactile experience that I miss.  I kept my notebook with me to write down quotes that moved me as I came upon them and to write down words that I don’t know just like the good old days.  I always had my pocket dictionary at my side as I read.  Kindle has spoiled me with its’ built in dictionary.  Another reason I delayed is that once I start reading, I don’t stop.  I once remarked, “I don’t read books, I inhale them”.  

Anyhoo, that was a rabbit 🐰 hole ramble.  On with the show.  

No spoilers here even though the book is 19 years old and many people have already read it by now.  I want you dear reader to be throughly surprised if you decide to check it out. 

In short, this is the story of a young man, Richard Mayhew a financial analyst at the start of his career. He is moving to London following everything by the book then one day a chance encounter changes his life and he disappears from the world he has always known.  The story that follows is pure richness and depth of characters.  The blending of fact and fantasy in fiction with alternate universes, time travel and magic.  

I give this book two thumbs up or five out of five stars ✨.   Why? An easy read finished in three days.  Took me to another time and place.  The imagery was outstanding.  Here are some of the key takeaways:

1-do we ever really know anyone? The traitor was quite a surprise.

2-is real life all it’s cracked up to be? Often the answer to that is “no”. At times,  people go through the motions and do what they think is expected of them.   I can relate to that … the rule follower that I am.  We grab for status and success and can be disappointed once that’s achieved if the end result is not what we originally imagined.  

3-take risks, break rules, be loyal.  sounds at odds but with loyal friends anything is possible.  Don’t ever doubt that for a moment.

4-people can change.   In fact it’s a given that we all change.  Sadly sometimes we change away from each other.  

I’ll leave you with one quote:

“The Abbot regarded his blindness neither as a blessing nor as a curse, it simply was”

J-Dub “I needed to be more like the Abbot”

As always, more to come.  

4 thoughts on “J-Dub’s Book Review Of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 

  1. Wow, you write amazing reviews…that is an art in and of itself…apart from being a great writer, I mean….your gifts are multilayered….so lucky for the rest of us….thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. One of my first reviews on Amazon completely ruined a book for someone and I have never forgot that. From there on out, no spoilers. I’ve had people ask are you recommending the book or not?? The answer is always yes. If you start reading and decide it’s not for you then stop reading. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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  2. One of my favorite Gaiman novels… okay, the other one is American Gods… and the comic books are The Sandman… and then there’s that side journey of whatsername… Coraline.

    I thought it was a great read… and yes, read it in record time. A lot shorter time than American Gods (which was quite dense)…

    …Would give it at least 3 though. :-/

    Oh well.

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    1. I’ll have to check out the others. I’ve heard of Coraline but the rest are new to me. I’m not a good critic I give everyone 5 of 5 in the moment until the next bright shiny comes along 😉

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