Luckiest Unlucky Guy


Billy Bob hits on lottery tickets more often than not.  Last year at this time, he won big!  I thought 1k, he said no only $500. Just enough that he could still cash out at the store.  He had won $1500 one other time a while back and had to go the the lottery commission office. And I’ve done the math, he’s ahead despite the odds because he only partakes occasionally. 

So today when he needed water to take his pills (yes he’s old and 😖) he bought the last two tickets off a roll. He’d heard it was good luck to get the last ones. And viola, $50 on one & $25 on the other = $75 smackeroos.  All for the low low price of $8.  

He tells me the rule is cash out $100 or more but under that he should spin again!   I know he just likes the thrill of it.  Me too!  Here’s hoping for a bigger payday. 

Darn that inner voice telling me wasteful and shameful. Gotta live a little!  Right?!? No snake eyes, momma needs a new pair of shoes 👠 👠 

As always, more to come. 


7 thoughts on “Luckiest Unlucky Guy

    1. Thrill may be the wrong word choice. More like dread or anticipation. It’s why I don’t play bingo at our parish picnics. I’d have a heart attack.


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