Showing My Age 

70s on 7 continues to entertain… Steve Miller Band with The Joker courtesy of Shazam 🎶🎶🎶

6 thoughts on “Showing My Age 

    1. I have a draft post on XM 80s on 8 written right after George Michael passed. The post never quite came together which is why it’s still just a draft and might not make it to publishing. Suffice it to say I’ve moved one space up the dial and it’s 80s on 8 that’s blasting for now. 🎶🎶

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  1. I went shopping the other day for records for my daughter (shh!) and I was like, “ooh! I want this, and this…” They had CCR! OMG. lol. And the violent femmes… and ELO. And I don’t even have a record player! lol. (We bought our daughter one for her birthday a few years ago to offset the mass tech overage in our house. lol.

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