Ghosts of Christmas Past

Pictures from Christmases past … 

Lulu refused to sit on Santa’s lap and actually never believed … sort of sad.  Initially it was stranger danger. Plus she was just a miniature adult. Very intuitive and questioning. The whole how does he get in our house if we do NOT have a fireplace etc… How does he get around the world in one night … ya right ?!?!? Plus I was of the belief albeit temporarily that it’d be lying.  No Santa 🎅 stories for Lulu.  Though we did discuss the reason for the season. 

Pony the other hand BELIEVED and loved to visit Santa and would go multiple times a season to sit on his lap.  My parents would take him. Then Mo Mo would take him.   I’d be hurt because I’d be at work so then I’d say “I am the momma, I’ll take him”!!

Two pics.  #1 Happy Lulu in front of the tree.   #2 Pony at Windsor Park Mall which is now closed … it was a record hot one that year.   He is wearing a Mickey Mouse short set! lol and the reindeer antlers well he took them home and wore them for days … love my sonshine.


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