If You Are So Inclined

… please pray for our PoPo.  You may remember him as one of the folks who helped create the Internet ;).  See the link Butters and Strippers in case you forgot about his contribution to THE world.  Of course, one cannot even begin to measure his contributions OUR world, his familia.  He is one of a kind, truly irreplaceable.

Why am I asking for prayers?  Well, life rolls on as life sometimes does.  He recently had a routine endoscopy/colonoscopy.  Yep you read that right; he had both done at the same time.  One is bad enough but two … ugh!  Efficient I guess but I can’t even imagine.  Anyway this was supposed to be ROUTINE.

Today he gets a call back that they have to see him tomorrow.  They found “something”  I purposefully placed the quotes because they won’t tell him anything over the phone.  We do NOT know anything yet.

Some of you may have gathered that I am a queen comma drama and a worrier to boot.  How do I relieve worry?  I pray and I light candles.  I am praying that this “something” is really NOTHING.  And, IF it IS something, that whatever this is; it can be FIXED!

As always, more to come.

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