Old School, New School ~ December Angels

Yes I am an angel :).  And so is Lulu.  Well maybe just Lulu … Any hoo …

When your birthday is 4 days before Christmas you get the Christmas themed table-cloth BUT you get a non-holiday pink Barbie birthday cake.  Here is an old school view of me on my 5th birthday.


When your birthday is 10 days before Christmas, nothing changes.  You STILL get the Christmas themed table-cloth with a non-holiday pink Barbie cake.  Here is a new school view of Lulu on her 4th birthday.


And I just made this connection today.  Too funny; we’re Twinkies.  I guess we did keep some accidental traditions.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “Old School, New School ~ December Angels

  1. You had the same precious smile when you were 5 that you do today! Your smile is really beautiful!!! It lights up your face. And your Lulu looks quite excited for her Barbie cake! These photos remind me of something that I read once on an ED recovery blog. (here’s the full post, which is pretty short – http://proud2bme.org/content/five-year-old-trick) Sometimes, I imagine myself in childhood, and even though my childhood was imperfect and my home-life was less-than-ideal, I can connect with all the joy, innocence, and zest for life that I possessed as a child, and it helps me to let go of weight of all the baggage that I carry around now. She’d be super thrilled for me, I think. I’ve done many of the things that she dreamed of doing back before our wild imagination and the infiniteness of possibilities were tempered by the realities of the world. I think she’d be pretty awed by what we’ve managed to overcome. What about you?

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I feel the same way. Just the other day I made the comment to a friend that I wished I could pin point the age where everything changed. I wanted to go back (albeit not permanently) to the innocence of childhood. Five year old Jill could never have imagined what 52 year old Jill has overcome. Super thrilled might even an understatement. I have lived beyond my wildest dreams and my life isn’t over yet. Maybe the best is even yet to be. If only, I stop listening to negative self doubt.

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      1. That negative self-doubt is universal, but the fact that you recognize it and also recognize how much you have overcome AND how much more joy and wonder (and struggle, but the good struggle that leads to growth and fullness of life) still lay ahead is the marvelous thing. ☺️

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  2. My Youngest Son’s Birthday is December 19, 1983. I was married December 27, 1975. Widowed December 15, 1994 and my Husband was Cremated December 24, 1994. “Bitter and sweet memories” for us. Hope you enjoy your Birthdays.

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