Hit Publish Too Soon, No Cheeky Title This Time Around

We had such a good day yesterday.  It started out with breakfast tacos at Tommy’s with Lulu, our tradition before getting my roots covered.  The fantastic LK was her usual magical self.  Wah-la five years younger :).

Then we went over to the RIM at La Cantera.  In particular, we went to DressBarn to use my birthday month coupon.  Lulu humors me; DressBarn is her least favorite store.  They have shoes and jewelry that she can browse but the clothes are matronly.  We ended up with pants on sale for $12.39 and a sweater 50% off for me plus a blouse & scarf for the mother in-law’s Christmas gift.  Then to Old Navy for PoPo’s Christmas pajamas.  And with that I am done with my holiday shopping.

Now wait before you get all “wow, that was fast!, You are so organized!, I haven’t even started yet!” know that I am done because I am Scrooge-like.  I am a conflicted enigma who wants to buy the world for my loved ones yet who starts twitching if I pay the full price for anything.   Then there is the over analysis of what TO buy.  Hell I can stand there for hours picking up and putting back, second guessing only to end up with the same thing I started with.  In the end, I don’t have many gifts to buy.  My parents and grandparents are gone. Billy Bob’s grandparents are gone.  It’s just our small family of five plus the in-laws and a special friend, maybe two.  And anyway, Jesus is the reason for the season, not this material bullshit.  No judgments if you Deck the Freaking HallsWith BALLS to the WALL! (Title of an Accept album that is blasting! from my speakers as I wash clothes and write this piece. belated Squirrel alert) and moving along.  More power to you all you lovers of Christmas!!!

You see the traditions whatever they are should vary.  Each to HIS/HER own as it should be.  This time of year fucking sucks for many people though.  Addiction, depression, suicide.  Some people don’t come up for the light of day until January. AND how the hell did this jaunty tale take such a dark turn?? That is a post all to its’ own. SO, turning right around.

After Old Navy, we left the Rim and went to the Quarry.  Lulu got new pearl shellac as her early birthday gift.


… And I continued my birthday month coupon using at Chico’s.  My VERY occasional splurge is Chicos.  I only go to the back left corner and pick off the sales racks.  Yesterday I scored – boyfriend jeans and two black tops.  Now who needs TWO black tops you ask?!?  Well a very indecisive, color blind J-Dub that’s who. ;).   I’d snap photos of my purchases too but they are in the washer.  The freight train has already started rolling on this fine Sunday morn.

Then we ate lunch at Chili’s.  Good conversation with my girl about lots of stuff.  She says she tells me everything.  I smiled but know she doesn’t.  That’s ok, I didn’t tell my parents everything either.  We remarked on how food service is a dynamically changing job and we wonder if it will go the way of Blockbuster.  I mean I remember waiting forever to be seated, served and cashed out at Chili’s.  Now with 1/2 the staff they turn around the same amount of people.  The self-service cash out appears to help with this and might just be the way of the future.  Of course high-end fine dining is another story.  Just interesting, this world we live in.  THANK YOU to the higher power of your choosing.  I am truly blessed BEYOND measure.

Then we walked, despite the drizzle, to Hallmark, Michael’s crafts and Rack Room Shoes.  At Rack Room we scored – boots for her and new Sketchers for me.  Buy one, get one of course!!

When we got home, we trimmed the tree.  First year with our baby 4 footer, downsized as compromise to no tree at all.fullsizerender-45  The 7.5 foot tall 3.5 foot base has officially been retired.  I am looking for a place to donate it to.  Any locals let me know if you have any ideas.  It’s still a good tree that served us well and it would be nice to find it a new home.

Notice how the pictures get progressively smaller.  That is not planned.  And crap! I hit publish before I was done.  I don’t even have a title.  Oh well hell, stopping well over word count.  As always more to come.


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