25 Songs of Christmas (#3 – Joy To The World)

Joy to the World is my favorite Christmas carol. Love the modern take in this video. Thank you Beejai for sharing! My heart ❤️ is full. Why are my eyes leaking?!? Oh happy tears of course. Hope your Saturday is awesome!


I have a little confession to make. I am a collector. When it comes to books and music I can get a little obsessive. Back before I crossed the pond I had seven bookshelves holding over a thousand books. Before things went digital I had amassed about 450 CDs. It was a hard thing to give those away to my local charity thrift store before moving but by that point I had already mostly gone digital.

On my ITunes folder I have four major playlists. The first one I call Dance/Techno/Lindsey. This is my smallest list. It currently holds 154 songs or nine hours, fifty-one minutes, thirty-seven seconds worth of playing time. I listen to this list for about thirty minutes every morning after I have had my coffee, devos, and done my early writing. It is my perk up, get ready, and head out the door soundtrack. My second list…

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