Why the hell not?

Getting ready to go out and  run errands and our conversation went something like this:

Billy Bob “oh come on now”

Me “whatever do you mean dear?”

Billy Bob “you can’t go out like that”

Me “what? do I embarrass you?  Comfort over style everyday”

Billy Bob “at least put on a bra”

Me “hey! I already did! plus I hate to tell you no one is looking at what I’m wearing”

Billy Bob “next you’ll be going to Walmart in your pajamas”

Me “why the hell not?”

We’ve seen people PJ grocery shopping before and looking so happy! No judgment from me.  Apparently the mister thinks that is crass.  My goal accomplished, he’s going to continue painting and I’m running errands solo ๐Ÿ˜‚

YOLO folks!   My small rebellion to go out and about in sweats, a t shirt and comfortable shoes.  And yep they don’t match but who the hell cares?!?   And why the hell not?  

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!   As always, more to come.  

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