Frugal, the other F word

We are slowly doing some DIY projects around the house.  We got a bid for painting the exterior at $6500.00.  Billy Bob who says he is not a painter and even if he was, he hates to paint decided he could tackle the job himself.

He taped the outside lights instead of taking them down.  No paint dropped on them but when he pulled the tape off, the finish came with it.  We bought two replacement lanterns at Home Depot but they were too small.  Part of my errands today was returning and then getting two different replacement lanterns.

I am overwhelmed with choices.  Still I knew what I wanted and they didn’t have them.  I stood there looking as if by some miracle, the perfect lanterns would pop out.  A guy came by to help me and said I’d have more options online.  So I left empty-handed.

This irritated Billy Bob because he knows they had lanterns, he was just there with me week before last.  He told me to just spend the money.  But I just couldn’t see spending $164 each.  That’s ridculous!  The ones we got at first were only $11.97 each which may explain why they were too small and didn’t work.

Anyhoo, I can’t do it.  I do math in my head and calculate what else the money could go towards. And besides the answer was staring me right in the face.  I am going to paint the current lanterns! Hell I’ll get out there with a sharpie if I have too.  Haha :).

Some may say cheapsake, I say genius!

As always, more to come.

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