I’m Speechless 

Not!  I can count on one hand the times I’ve been speechless.    I’ve always got something to muse over and ramble about🤔.  I sure hope that’s the thinking emoticon.  

Anyhoo, I’ve taken to keeping a notepad and pen with me as I watch TV so I can capture pearls of wisdom.  I am so easily amused and I’ll laugh but then immediately forget unless I write it down right away.  That’s  just the way things are post 50.  Either that or I’m a geek 🤓 or maybe a little of both.

Wednesday’s episode of Speechless was another good one.  Sharing some laughs in no particular order:

Maya to Kenneth after inviting him to Thanksgiving Dinner “seriously I’m not being rude.  Do you ever get invited anywhere on purpose?” 

Jimmy “JJ had that thing with Joan”

Kennth reads for JJ “I do, sorry society”

Kenneth “this is starting to feel like drama. You’re going to attack me now to NC? That’s for “new colonel”

Ray “I don’t want to be the new colonel”

Maybe you had to be there but I’m laughing out loud all over again.  

As always more to come.  


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