Butters and Strippers

Mind outta the gutter peeps though back in the day one did use butters to loosen up cable before it was stripped.  You just can’t make this stuff up! LOL

About a month ago, Lulu came home from college to interview her PoPo on his job in telecommunications as part of her history project.  Her subject was a career that no longer exists or has radically changed.  She had borrowed my phone to take photos and email them to herself.  Today as I was clearing out space on my phone; I found them again.

I am not exactly sure why I was clearly space because … another plug for Amazon Prime (see related post) #1 unlimited photo storage – see this link aptly titled  SUPER DUPER SCORE !! And this I just learned about today thanks to my friend JLFP.  Love you girl!!!  And I’ve done it again, belated rabbit hole alert but that’s okay because I am back :).

Moving right along, I decided to share my mini-no credit project.  Just pics.  I am such a geek; I am truly fascinated with how things have changed.

So hard to imagine that a family of four survived … no they thrived on $149 a week in 1966 and $265 a week in 1967.

He was a card-carrying union man.  Communication Workers of America (CWA) – a company picnic is where I first met my Billy Bob.

The job of installer has changed dramatically.  The specific tasks PoPo once did no longer exist instead morphed into Google mania, fiber optic, mind-blowing stuff!  Yet there will always be a need for installation.  Here are his hand tools the likes of which have no use today.  That’s sort of sad but amazing all at the same time.


As I went through the pictures I was thrown back to a more simple yet at the same time a more complicated time.  Think about the manual man hours and by the mid 70s woman hours to get anything done – complex, time consuming, slow, hard physical labor.  And yet all this was just a tiny step to where we are today and without this job, there’d be no Internet. Cool, very cool!!

Now you’re all saying “J-Dub you done lost your mind girl, the telephone is not the precursor to the Internet”  To which I reply “Uh ya it is!” If you do not fully agree – due to some technicality of me using incorrect lingo (tomAto tomato), maybe you’ll accept that they are at least connected … forever linked.  Did I mention I was a geek?  Yep, I am.  In true Sheldon Cooper “fun with flags” fashion, I will now share a brief history of telecommunication:

First we had smoke signals, next carrier pigeons, followed by morse code, along comes wireless radio, then telephone, fax, mobile phone, INTERNET, email, and finally today’s handheld devices.  What the heck is next?!?!?  Think about the enormity of it all.  My life is in the palm of my hand (figuratively but still in the palm of my hand).

In closing, what’s not to LOVE!  This guy is SO loveable.  He is what they call a keeper!!!! He even had a hand in inventing the Internet!  Lol.  Too much??  Yep, too much.  Well anyway rock on wit ur bad selves.


As always, more to come.


5 thoughts on “Butters and Strippers

  1. This is just amazing. This is not only fascinating to see as time has evolved, but also fascinating to read about a normal person’s extraordinary life path and legacy. Beautiful, shots, the tools really bring it home. Thank you for sharing.

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