Only In Texas

Well, maybe not ONLY in Texas  … though I’m pretty sure this is a regional thing y’all.  Our parish is having its’ annual turkey dinner with none other than a turkey bingo.  What’s a turkey bingo you might ask? Well it is regular bingo but the prizes include the potential to win a turkey. Then of course you don’t want to miss the arts & crafts sale.  Fun times I tell ya.  Check it out … South Texas Living

As always, more to come.

2 thoughts on “Only In Texas

  1. There’s a place here in Austin, a bar where people play chicken bingo. If the chicken produces uh, uh, you know, not an egg, on the numbered square you chose, well, you win. From what I hear, the chickens feel better from unloading and are used to the beer-drinking belly-up-to-the-bar drinking folks. I like to think the chickens are having their own game while laughing at the hoot and holler-ers. 🙂

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