I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

Well the realtor called …

She said “it’s a bidding war.  Six people so far have made offers, yours will be seven.  This will go over listing price and I need to know if you are still sure you want in?”

Me “I’m a lover, not a fighter.  We will bow out graciously with poise and little fanfare” Picture it … the princess wave and curtsey.  After all, I had just gotten my hair done :).

Lol! I did NOT say that.  Well the lover, gracious, poise parts … I did say that’d we’d pass.

Dang nabit!!  I knew it was too good to be true.  I thought we had a few things in our favor though … only two bed rooms, most people want more.  Only one bath … again most people want more.  Single car garage … you get the drift right?!??

Bigger is not always better though and I guess we are not the only ones who realize that. Plus the home was in mint condition, the asking price was super reasonable and in a good location. What’s not to love??!?  Remember 🙂

Anyway, mid-life crisis averted.  On to the next goal. Squirrel that I am, it may not be a house.  That’s the beauty folks, the world is my oyster dang nabit!  “If I have to, I can do anything.  I am strong (strong). I am invincible (invincible) !!! I am J-Dub”  Homage to Helen Reddy.  Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.


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