I Added Another Category (Parent and Two Kids)

I have a Book Club section on my blog all by its’ lonesome because … well … er, hmmm well … hmmmm.  Well, because books are gold and deserve their own space.  Similarly I thought I should do the same for music because music is the universal language of us, the human race.

Oops, too late.  I added a top level (parent) category and cannot figure out how to delete or re-name.  But then, ah ha!  I figured how to ad sub-categories.  Problem solved.

You see LIFE just got to big for me and I have been filling that space with all my stuff.  Neat freak that I am (oh who am I kidding?) no one the answer is no one J-Dub, you are not a neat freak, your co-workers just have to take one look at your desk.

Okay, take two … Organizer that I am (bingo we have a winner!) without order we’d have chaos.  That’s a joke people, I slay me ;).  Back to task, organizer that I am, I will expand my musings and rambling into categories, glorious categories.  Life’s simple pleasures.

As always, more to come.

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