It Was Just A Dream

Darn it!  Too bad because if this really happened, I’d be over the moon!!

Despite being in the pep squad, dance team and cheerleading, I’ve got no rhythm.  I over think y’all, which puts me just one step behind the beat.  But I still dance in my “Elaine from Seinfeld” abandon!  Despite being in the glee club and youth choir at church, I can’t sing either.  Wait, I can sing … just not good enough to solo.  My alto voice is only good when mixed with others in perfect harmony.   Anyway, back to the dream.

In my dream, I was behind the scenes at “So You Think You Can Dance?” I was talking to Travis Wall y’all, oh yeah I WAS!  I told him I knew I was not contestant worthy but if he could find it in his heart of hearts to teach me … just a little number … I’d be forever grateful.  In my dream he agreed and I promptly fainted!!!

Then I wake up to Alicia Keyes from “The Voice” and I scream “Are we going to sing together?!?” Before she answers, then I really wake up.  So close …

End scene, I realize I am watching too much prime time TV.  Laugh on wit ur bad selves.

And so much for organizing, I am a writing fool today.  Here are some pictures from a former life.  I could only find dance & cheer, no choir pictures:

Yes that’s a cap gun in my left hand.  You wouldn’t see that prop used today.
Loved the silver Lame’ fabric – scratchy as all get out
No names, to remain incognito.  Lol. Though I admit, I am on the right side 2nd from the end
Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Ba

As always, more to come …

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