Corporate Drone

I went straight from high school into the workforce and attended college off and on at night and weekends on what I affectionately call the “23 year plan”.  I progressed through the ranks at work into a managerial position while this world kept spinning.  I must admit, I was not a very good manager.  I was too concerned with being a popular to be effective.  In the end, I was neither … popular or effective.  My heart bled when I had to give the party line on what I really felt in my heart of hearts was pure BS.  Like Dorothy seeing the “wizard” behind the curtain, I was disenchanted.  Smoke and mirrors!

I am a much better individual contributor and having managed for over five years helps me be the best employee ever.  At least that is my goal.  I go to extremes to be low maintenance.  A team player; let others have the credit.  I am working not toward a promotion but for satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

I some times wonder, how did I get here?!?!?  Much of what happened in my career was not of my own choosing.  Sure ultimately I said yes or no the job offers that came my way but I cannot say I actively sought those roles until my most recent position.  Higher powers intervened and I landed in the right place at the right time.  If given another chance, I wouldn’t change a thing because all those steps brought me to where I am today.  Living the dream in the promised land.

Today I am organizing my home office and looking at mountains of pictures.  I came across this gem, the inspiration for this story.  The company I work for has a very strong brand and part of that includes images of its’ employees.  As a manager, I was made to take my glamor shot.  Ugh!  I miss my 19-year-old Jill picture and would have been perfectly happy to continue using that until retirement.  But alas, here I am, in all my glory, in the unspoken “uniform”.

Jill Witherspoon
I am J-Dub and I approve of the content of this message

A few behind the scenes funnies:  The picture was taken with and without glasses.  The glasses were then photo-shopped on.  This process was done to avoid any glare.  I also no longer wear make-up.  When I mentioned something about that to the photographer, she said well we automatically run you through an enhancement program.  Fine lines and any blemishes will be removed and in that process I can add makeup.  She had time in between clients and let me see different images before I landed on this one.  Just a little lipstick and blush, not too much, very light eye shadow too.  Ah the power of technology.  Ah here is the corporate drone.  Spin baby spin!

Rock on wit ur bad selves.  As always, more to come …


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