Things I learned as I grew up

Credit to Spilled Ink. Enjoy what comes from a twisted mind!

Spilled Ink

​These are some of the best and most precious quotes and experiences I’ve come across, and would like to share with you all..

  • There’s a difference when someone says ‘love you’ and ‘i love you’
  • ‘Pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ are not the same
  • No one is perfect until you fall in love with them.
  • Follow dreams, not people
  • It’s okay to have stupid believes, till of course, they don’t hinder your growth
  • ‘Forever’ is real, and rare
  • Everyone out there is fighting a battle
  • Problems are mandatory, sadness is a choice
  • If it died, it wasn’t love. Love never disappears, it just gets misplaced
  • Between what is meant and not said and what is said but not meant, most love is lost
  • What people say they are and what they actually are, is almost always contradicting
  • People aren’t wrong, they’re just different or maybe, lost
  • We live in a world where…

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