Lilly’s Pearls of Wisdom

Yesterday Lulu and I met the most extraordinary person and what made her so exceptional was how ordinary she really was … one might even say she was flawed.  Because we are all flawed.  She voluntarily told us she was 43 years old, a single mom and married and divorced twice.  She is couch surfing with friends and she cooks for them every morning to earn a place to sleep.  She called herself a devil daughter, jokingly of course. She exclaimed that she loves her job, she had so much fun the night before and she will share her happy with us.  And that is just what she did;  she spread joy to an entire room of customers.  Whether she was your technician or not, you felt the presence of Lilly.  Sharing happiness in this otherwise negative world is a gift.  Dare I say her ability to do this is extraordinary!!

As a writer … and yes I am a writer (today I will not minimize my contribution by adding pseudo or wannabe beforehand) … As a writer, I always look for fodder for my stories in everyday things.  I have found it is often within the minutia that the pearls of wisdom can be found. As I sat and relaxed having my hands and feet pampered, I just knew this story would write itself.  Lulu and I talked afterwards about some of Lilly’s more smile-worthy quips.  Like regarding men “There is more fish in the sea but I don’t need a man.  I am a big fish now.  I am a BIG colorful fish that swims away before they catch me”

If that doesn’t make you laugh out loud, then I guess you had to be there.  Last night, I tried to write down Lilly’s one liners and all of her pearls of wisdom but they became like private jokes, out of context for anyone who was not there to enjoy firsthand.  Makes me realizes that as much as I believe in the power of words; I also believe in the power of feelings and experiences.  And sometimes, when you are lucky, just maybe your experience will defy words.

And I think, what do I do with this?!?!?  … this feeling I am left with after such a truly ordinary yet remarkable day?   Well I guess I’ll attempt to repeat the experience in some version or another.  Today as we are out and about, we are also on a mission, to pay it forward while we share our happy!

As always, more to come.


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