Home Is Where The Heart Is

I took Lulu home today.  Yep I said home.  At least for now her dorm IS her home.  And I can’t be sad about that… that she has adjusted and is settled in.

Though short, we enjoyed our time together and we made a new friend.  With only four Fridays until Thanksgiving, we will  definitely go back to see Lilly again.


We had a little incident on the ride home.  In Three Rivers TX we stopped at a Sonic drive in for 1/2 price tea.  I turned off the engine and when we were ready to leave the battery was dead!  I called roadside assist and we were back on the road in about an hour.

When we got to the Auto Zone on Saratoga, Holly ran all the tests and the battery was good and the alternator was working.  Part of me was just going to buy a new battery but then what fun is that?  Now I get to play the game “when might this happen again?”

Now I’m back to my 🏡 and Big B squared has finished the 🎨ing on one side of the house.  Only three sides to go.  I’ve always been so grateful that he’s a DIY kinda guy.

As always,  more to come.


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