There is no wrong way to make pizza

… well someone better tell Billy Bob that ;).  Now that we are in an empty nest we eat what we want, when we want.  No more trying to find something that everyone will like.  Our finicky eaters are now fending for themselves.

Big B has a crazy schedule this week so the meals we planned are quick and easy as he still does most of the cooking because I “conveniently” … “forgot” the recipes for most of the meals I used to make.

Tonight french bread pizza is on the menu.  He has cut the bread into quarters and we are each making our own made-to-order slices.  First we both add sauce, check.  Second I add my toppings, STOP.  The conversation went something like this …

BB: “Why are you adding onions, mushrooms and red pepper before the cheese?”

Me: “So the cheese melts all over the top, sealing in the veggies”.

BB: “That makes no sense.  You add cheese and then toppings”.

Me: “Uh, does it matter?  Is that somewhere in a pizza rule book?”

BB: says nothing yet he looks at me like I am crazy.

And it’s true; I may be crazy.  But really?!??!  If you ask me, there is no wrong way to make a pizza.

Or maybe there is … mine looks better don’t you think? 😉


Happy Tuesday everyone, feels like it should already be Friday.

As always, more to come …



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