Whatcha Doing?

Pony Boy asked me … “Nothing” I said.  But Ha!  I was taking this picture.  Those curls, the curls his grandma loved and got so upset with me when I took him for his first hair cut.  She said “He’s only a baby! who cares if he has long hair.  Those blond curls are adorable”  But that was just g’ma love!!

He has grown those curls back again; the color is darker now – more golden brown.  Rebel that he is … but you pick you battles and hairstyle / facial hair is not one of them.  Life is too short and we all have bigger fish to fry.


And the judging begins BUT you CAN’T judge a book by its’ cover.  Well, you can BUT you’d be WRONG!!

How many colloquialisms are in this blog?  Four, the answer is four. Can you find them? 🙂

As Always, More to Come …


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