Saturday Night Live (SNL) Finally Got Good Again

… well maybe??!?!?!  I am not quite sure yet.  But I am super excited and ready to find out!!!

When SNL first aired I watched it pretty regularly.  My parents were a social pair and they were typically out somewhere.  We’d stay up late to watch TV until they got home.  Back then, I was not quite mature enough to understand most of what went on and I remember on Monday mornings before school talking about some of the sketches with a few of my classmates.  If you saw the show, you were avant-garde.  Gilda was and always will be my favorite – all the females actually – Jane and Laraine too.  Jane you ignorant slut!  Oh my – that was shocking to hear with my tender ears.  And who could forget two wild and crazy guys???  And other variations that were reincarnated as the years went on.

In the 1980s, I was always out on Saturday nights.  Too cool to stay home and watch TV.  Instead we ran around with the EC punks, amazing that we did not get into more trouble.  But I digress and today I will avoid the rabbit hole.  The 1980’s were a time before or at the advent of recording TV shows.  And even if such technology existed, we didn’t have it … we were last on the block to get cable TV.   I missed the whole … what I call Victoria Jackson era.  Though I hear it was just so-so.

In the 90’s my viewing was hit and miss.  I was definitely at home, raising Pony Boy but not something on my list of priorities to see.

Nowadays I rarely watch because I fall asleep by 10 … though it is a treat when special hosts grab my attention.  Which is why I say SNL got good again :).  Are you ready for the WHY??????

Tonight we have Margot Robbie – seriously cool evil villain Harley Quinn with musical guests the Weekend and next Saturday … brace yourselves … OMG my heartbeat just went through the roof … we have the one, the only,  Lin Manual Miranda and musical guests Twenty-One Pilots.  Shut the front door and hold the phone!  How cool is that!  Only thing cooler would be if they flipped musical guests and Twenty One Pilots played Heathens while Robbie hosted!

Not sure yet but I will either watch live or DVR it.  Either way, this makes me happy.

As always, more to come …




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