A Bonus of Physical Therapy – Thank you Thank You Very Much! 🎶🎶

I met a real life Elvis impersonator.   Very friendly guy.   When we first met last week I thought now that’s a throwback hairstyle.   And now I know why.

We did our circuits together one right after the other.   He noticed my polo shirt with the eagle and shared that his day job is security for my job. We’re coworkers!!  Automatic brethren.  He is protecting  the mothership on Fredericksburg Road.

His fanbase is people in nursing  homes.   Now if that doesn’t make you smile, you are tinfoil inside.  How fabulous!   And as today was his last day, Elvis has left the building.   Thank you, thank you very much!!!

As always, more to come.

Be Kind

Quite by accident I overheard something I can’t forget.  I’m conflicted.   This was over the wall conversation.   Meant to be private.   Two people plotting against a coworker using words like we don’t need her  … we will give our proposal … she doesn’t have to be a part of this … we certainly don’t want her to know.

I get there are two sides to every story and I have no idea what is the basis for this action but all I could think about was how mean and how awful I would feel if I was on the receiving end. I thought at a minimum if you have to do something do it but be kind.  There is no place for ugliness.

As always, more to come.