Dog Days of Autumn

… another 12 plus hour day … getting to work before 7 has to stop !!!  Then after work, took the grand pups for their annual exams … Dr.  was delayed too so we were at the vets about two hours … but all is good.  Every time we take them anywhere we draw a crowd.  Are they twins? No but they are litter mates – brothers. What kind of dogs? Red heeler and labrador mix.  Mutts really but today a lady in the waiting room said, No they are NOT mutts, they are designer dogs!  They don’t bark and are not aggressive.  They have super sweet dispositions.  They make me smile and love unconditionally.  And yes I am bragging about my dogs!  So sue me lol 🙂  I’m grasping at straws at this point.  Punchy and happy and in a manic state from too much conversation with strangers.  My introverted self just wanted to get HOME .  And now I am here but thoughts swirling around my brain.

Here is the story of how we ended up with two dogs.  We’d been looking for a dog and found an ad online.  Called and found out a good Samaritan was just trying to find them a home – helping out her fiend who was moving and had to leave the puppies behind.  She didn’t want much $25 each. Originally six, two male and a female were left.  She did not want strangers going to her home so she agreed to meet us at a gas station on IH 35 south toward Devine.  She agreed to bring one of the males and we agreed to buy sight unseen.  When we get there, she has both dogs – tells us we needed to pick – she couldn’t decide which male to bring.  We had Lulu with us.  We try but she and I could not decide.  Same as the seller – smart lady … took the odds that we could not decide either all couched in your dog so you need to pick.  And it goes something like this … Hmmm, which one?  Mommy do we have to decide? They are both SO CUTE!!!!   Then me and Lulu in unison … puhleese Billy Bob-Daddy, can we keep em both??  :).  Softy that he is … oh boy, why not?!?!  And ta-da, two dogs join our family and we are doubly blessed.  As it should be.

Meet Mr. Buddy and Mr. Spot and their happy Oma aka grandma.  This is why I am mostly mellow and my blood pressure is always low.


As always, more to come …


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