The Texas to California Connection

Every other summer growing up for about a decade we’d go to California to visit my Aunt M and Uncle E. ¬†Then every other summer they came to Texas. ¬†My mom lost her parents by the time she was 18 so she became even closer to her brothers and sister.

My uncle E served in World War II and made a career in the¬†Air Force. ¬†He and his wife and 4 kids¬†travelled¬†the globe … stationed in Greenland for a while, here in Texas, then¬†Bossier¬†City¬†Louisiana¬†before finally settling in Lompoc California ¬†since Vandenberg¬†Air Force¬†base¬†was his final duty station. ¬†After¬†retirement¬†he worked in (well he ran) the¬†commissary¬†– civilian¬†contractor¬†– called a¬†double¬†dipper back then. ¬†He earned a good living and his purchases demonstrated this living.¬† A new Cadillac every year for his bride ‚Ķ he called my Aunt that their whole marriage ‚Äď from the time she was only 17.¬† Their house had every gadget of the day.¬† Some pretty funky stuff for the time ‚Äď remote everything … intercom and central vacuum system ‚Äď sunken floors and recessed lightning. ¬†1970s chic. ¬†I wanted to live in a house like that one day.

I have awesome memories of all those vacations. ¬†To me, my Aunt and Uncle were exotic. ¬†They lived life in the fast lane. ¬†Such a contradictory life style to our own which is likely why I gravitated to it … to be someone completely different while I was there. ¬†To try new things and seek out new experiences.¬† I‚Äôd say it was the wild 1970s because well it was ‚Ķ wild.¬† We had no idea what was around the corner ‚Ķ waiting for us.¬† I was able to just live in the moment.¬† Only to come back home to my ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ whatever normal¬†is existence.

The excess was unreal ‚Ķ there was never enough of anything ‚Ķ the need for more ‚Äď incessant.¬† They say everything is BIGGER in Texas yet in my experience, everything was BIGGER in CA.¬† We‚Äôd eat, laugh, and play ‚Äď all to an extreme.

As I sit here on this any day ‚Ķ this Sunday ‚Ķ having been to church and then the grocery store, I am rambling and musing ‚Ķ wondering why.¬† Why about so much.¬† Why was it so easy then, as a child, ¬†to just be ‚Ķ in the moment.¬† To not care one iota of what was just around the corner. ¬†How could we not offer that same experience to our kids? ¬†I don’t think either of our two were ever just children. ¬†Grown up too soon. ¬†Their world was much … well … always so much MORE. ¬†Thank you technology.

Ugh, another¬†Calgon take me away moment. ¬†I think and over-analyze and ask ‚Äúwhat if‚ÄĚ.¬† Damn, I need a chill pill.¬† See therein lies the problem.¬† The quick fix. ¬†The fiction that is the quick fix. ¬†Anything worth doing, takes time. ¬†Slow and steady wins the race. ¬†Insert your own colloquialism <HERE>. ¬†Oh well¬†… Today¬†I will power through.¬† I‚Äôm figuratively going to walk it off ‚Äď ‚Äúit‚ÄĚ being the weight of the world (well my little corner of this world¬†anyway).

Wishing you and yours a HAPPY day.  As always, more to come …