Traveling On

The year we got married we were supposed to honeymoon on the Texas coast but there was a hurricane so we didn’t go.   We stayed one night at the Embassy Suites hotel in northwest San Antonio.   Right next door to Castle Golf and Games. The next day we went to Comanche Park … our place … awe…  It was the St. Margaret Mary fall festival.

For our second anniversary, we planned a trip to Bastrop State Park which was a disaster. Who knew the state park and the lake campground were two different places?    Not us!  We booked a canopy at the lake campground.  Yes I said canopy … which we thought was a cabin. This place was really was meant for people with trailers.  The state park across the road was booked solid so with no place to sleep, we ate at Pizza Hut then went home.  That’s one for the memory books I tell ya.

On Our third anniversary we were going to go to the Texas coast … Try that again but nope, it was not to be … another hurricane.

On Our fourth anniversary we had a little present  … Mr. Pony Boy so we just hung around the house.

Our fifth anniversary was spent in Las Vegas.  Good time all around.

After that we quit trying to celebrate our  anniversaries  with vacations.  It was also about this time where we quit giving each other gifts.  For all occasions … Just done.  Instead the world revolved around the sun … our literal son.   I was working only part time and money was tight.  And if I had it to do over again I would do exactly the same.    You see the material stuff really doesn’t matter.    It took some pretty sucky events before we realized that but now we do.

20 more years would pass before we took another trip for our anniversary … It was a milestone after all.  Happy 25 with a trip to Alaska.   Love love loved it!   We joked about moving there … spending half the year.  Billy Bob would take people on the nature trek  and explain all the flora and fauna while I would shuttle vacationers back-and-forth from the ships to the hotel.   You see we had met a couple from Illinois who was doing just that.

Ah to live at the Windsong, Seward AK.  It could still happen … One day.

As always, more to come …



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