J-Dub’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events #5 – Jimbo Pete

J-Dub's: A Series of Unfortunate Events

My brother – Jimbo Pete passed away on July 23, 1999.  This is one of those stories which is not really mine to tell.  Only to say, my heart hurts for the pain he went through.  He was deeply loved and I wish he had known that.  We were family despite defying the traditional definition.   He called me Peaches just like the big brother Willie from the TV show Family called his little sister.  We’d make up games to play when we were bored … which was never because we always found something to do.  We rode bikes around the neighborhood.  Climbed the cypress trees in our front yard and listened to his ham radio.   Played all assorted board games, cards or dominos.  Liked the same music.  Liked to read.  A real Mayberry childhood in a neighborhood full of kids.  I will be forever grateful for my experiences.  Silver linings and choosing to remember the good.  Miss you brother. RIP


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