I love old people. Especially old men.

Mind outta the gutter people.  I’m sitting here waiting for my doctor.  There’s an older gentleman with his son waiting too.  The nurse calls him back and he says “ok let me start my Cadillac” it’s his walker.  He is being funny.  He then says  “it’s an older model because there are no air bags”.  That’s him.  So sweet.  I just LOVE him.  Makes me miss my daddy. Makes me think in act 3 I’ll be volunteering at the nursing home.

Feeling blessed.  Hoping for a diagnosis.  Happy Thursday one and all. Make it a good one.

As always, more to come …

Addendum: just so happened that we checked out at the same time.  My older gentleman crush was with his grandson not his son.  Even better because the grandson reminded me of T.  Man bun and all.  His G’Pa kept cracking wise. “I think I’ll just sit here and make my grandson wheel me out …  And don’t tell on me to his mother.  My daughter wants me to walk before I can’t walk any longer. Pfft.  Walking is overrated.” He is so cute !!!!! I might have to follow him home.


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